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Hello there trek fans, having watched all the star trek series and movies (except DS9 and Voyager series), I have always wondered how the star ships were steered as I never seen a control wheel/yoke/stick that would have been used to maneuver the ship. I understand, that in fact the ships are almost always in Autopilot of some sought but during ,lets say, in an emergency when lets say under attack or to get out of the way of an object, it seems the captain or someone says "evasive maneuver" and the ship just seems to do it voice command.

Also, it wasn't until the latest Star Trek film that there appeared to be no levers in the bridge on the ships. Can anyone enlighten me on this. Thanks.

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In TNG-onward, they were controlled with touchpads on the consoles. In the Original Series, there were small levers and buttons on the console. -- sulfur 14:30, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

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