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The General Staff was the command body at Starfleet Headquarters that Commander Pavel Chekov identified as ordering Reliant to the Regula Space Laboratory. In addition, when David Marcus further inquired, Chekov stated that the order came directly from Admiral James T. Kirk. This would seem to indicate that Kirk was actually part of the General Staff.

Keeping in mind of course that Chekov was under the mind control of Khan, the entire statement may have been a fabrication. This is unlikely though as knowledge of membership of the General Staff would probably be at least as accessible as knowledge of the membership of the modern day Joint Chiefs of Staff. -Acedragon1

Forgive me but, what's your point? --Bp 02:01, 6 May 2006 (UTC)

I think a page or tab should be included for this particular group. Either in the StarFleet section or Federation Section. Thanks. -Acedragon1

Interesting. I have been reading the wikipedia article on General staff and it seems that a general staff is a component. There may be more than one, so the one that Kirk was attached to was probably not THE General Staff, just a general staff. Also, it mentions that the Joint Chief's staff, the "Joint staff", of the United States is not a general staff. Also, Starfleet doesn't have Generals, it has Admirals, I'm not sure how that changes terms. I think the writers prolly threw that term in there without knowing how it was used. Do you you know any other place that a general staff was referenced? --Bp 10:32, 6 May 2006 (UTC)

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