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Starbase Indy was conceived by a group of Indianapolis fans in 1988. The concept was simple, a convention that was run by the fans for the fans. After many long years and eight extremely successful conventions, the then-owners, Mike & Shari Morey, decided to call it quits. This was a dark day for fans all over the Midwest; our Thanksgiving weekend would never be the same.

In 2004, a group of fans decided that it was time to bring back our favorite fan-run convention. With the help of many volunteers, and the original bridge set, Starbase Indy was ready to bring science fictions fans from all over back to the Midwest. After a few years, the fans in charge reluctantly agreed to bring in professional organizers to run the convention in 2008. This turned out poorly, with the professional organization pulling out just a few short weeks before the date. Unwilling to let their Thanksgiving tradition die, the fans and the hotel banded together to hold FreeKon in 2008.

After the amazing success of the 2009 Star Trek movie, the fan base was re-energized and ready to give a full–blown convention another try. With a lot of hard work and some amazing luck, Starbase Indy 2009 ended up being a great success. We are back again in 2010 with expanded space and some exciting surprises up our programming sleeve. We hope you’ll join us (and our media guests, including Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips and David Reddick) for our Thanksgiving weekend tradition.

For badges, t-shirts or more information about the convention, visit The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lisameece (talk • contribs).

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