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I'm wondering if there already is some sort of a Star Trek Mapping Project, meaning a joint effort to create and constantly enhance a map of the Star Trek universe based on canon information and the position of real stars? The Star Trek: Star Charts state a nice try, however, there are numerous errors and missing bits. Star Trek Dimensions has done a quite nice job, too, but its maps are lacking in detail. If such a project does not exist yet, I think that the only way to create a map (which would most likely be a two-dimensional projection) as definitive and accurate as possible is an open source project with the spirit of sites like MA. Today MA probably is the most accurate and complete reference work on Star Trek canon, despite all those inconsistencies created over almost 40 years of Trek, so it should be possible to commence a similar effort to create a Star Trek Mapping Project. --36ophiuchi 17:48, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

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