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How much speculation is acceptable on MA-fr ?
If no speculation is allowed, then every strange fact becomes inconsistent : for example, before ENT revealed the secret of Klingon forehead in season 4, people thought it is inconsistent and that ENT destroyed the chronology. Quoting some of the theories is a good way to propose a solution to people who think that the Trek universe is completely disordered. Personnaly, I think that the exception of this universe is that everything is possible, so that an apparently error can be explained in a way that even enrich the universe. Maybe someone will one day bring a brilliant solution to the Eugenic wars or others unexplained facts and I would like to read his theory.

What I thought was acceptable speculation is :

  • theories generally discussed by many fans : for example, that Trelane is Q. For my part, I never believed it, but as long as I can't approve or disprove this theory, I accept this speculation.
  • credible theories (with facts that can support a theory) : that's why I was irritated of the deletion of my falsification theory (see USS Voyager crew manifest section), not because it was removed but rather by the lack of arguments ("simply because speculation isn't our job"). If someone finds a better explanation or prove that I'm wrong, I accept my error and change my mind.
  • theories designed to explain a fact, a coïncidence or an inconsistence : not unnecessary fanfictions that tries to invent the future or that tries to establish a link between two facts that weren't previously linked together

What is your opinion about speculation on MA ? - Philoust123 21:57, 22 June 2006 (UTC)

There's a limit.
The difference between speculations is important
  • The list could have been incorrect, out-of-date, falsified, or simply include persons not part of Voyager's latter day crew.
  • He could have been simply a captain in title, or have been demoted, or stepped down. Its also possible the later person simply was a related or coincidental namesake.
This seems fine -- I am trying to avoid long, detailed, speculations, because frankly, the more you explain, the harder it gets to believe.
For example:
  • There were aliens on board and Janeway could have consulted Tuvok about entering a false crew manifest. They could have used and out-of-date crew listing of Voyager's construction work staff, and then added senior tactical officers, making the aliens wary on invasion. This would save the day, and was a good attempt.
  • They were, quite obviously, father and son.
Why not use the one sentence version, since trying to explain it might get you further away from what we don't know: the truth. Especially if you start down the "it seems extremely likely" route.
Lets keep it simple. -- Captain M.K.B. 01:13, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

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