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I recently met a 68 year old gentleman who claims to have built the TOS Enterprise. I cannot find any web reference to him. Can somebody tell me if they've heard of this man? I'd like to interview him about his experience but need to verify that he did indeed do what he claims. I've found other names involved with the TOS model construction but have yet to find his. His name is Sam Taylor.


-=George R. Gifford=-

I'm afraid that interview will no longer be possible as Sam Taylor passed away about 6 months ago. My cousin Lenny is a model train enthusiast, miniaturist, and friendly acquaintance of Sam's who told me he recently learned of Sam's passing. He had been to Sam's place a number of times and had seen one of the original TOS Enterprise studio models that Sam had made. As far as Lenny knew, Sam was completely legitimate in his claims. He gave him very detailed descriptions of how he had constructed the model and had many behind-the-scenes stories of working on the old show. I guess he was just one of those unsung heroes of the old studo system, before everyone's hard work was recognized.
Chris Spitler
I think the Social Security Death Index can confirm that. There is a Sam Taylor born 12 Aug 1938, died 15 June 2007; last place of residence was in Gloucester, New Jersey. This one is closest to the six month period stated above. There is also a listing for a Samuel Taylor born 21 April 1938, died 9 April 2007; last place of residence was in Maricopa, Arizona. Both of these Sam Taylors were 69 years old at their time of death, so one of these listings is probably the Sam Taylor you're talking about. --From Andoria with Love 03:59, 8 January 2008 (UTC)

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