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I live in Las Vegas, and went to Quark's Bar at the Star Trek Hilton ALL THE TIME but it closed in 2008. There has been speculation that it would re-open in time for the new movie, but it couldn't find funding due to hard economic times in Las Vgeas. Now, some are saying that it will indeed re-open at Neonopolis in 2010, but with an Original Series Theme rather than the DS9/TNG theme. Does anyone have any new info?? I'm tired of making my home-brewed Warp Core Breach cocktails and wish it was around to enjoy again.. Thanks.. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

Hi! I live in the UK but visited LV regularly and very much enjoyed the Star Treck Experience (including Ouark's Bar). I keep an eye on 'developments', but frustratingly never seem to get beyond press speculation on a possible relaunch of the 'Experience' - perhaps in Necropolis. It would be useful if some of the local Treckies, like yourself, could do some 'ferreting' and see what turns up. How about it?

Best wishes,


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