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This guy, an engineer called "Dan" have provided us with specs on how to correctly build the first generation NCC-1701 USS Enterprise, with specs and design based on the ship our beloved James Tiberius Kirk was a captian of in the Star Trek universe. While it would be using our 21st century technology - meaning it have a gravitation wheel and lacks warp drives (if someone doesn't build something useful using the warp drive theory as a basis and first implanting it on this ship - then we would be talking about much more) and such things, but other things like sickbays and scanners exists, aswell as early tricorder-like things - it would still be pretty much the same. It could get us to Mars in less than three months, and also mine asteroids to some degree, aswell as serve as a space station. Taking 20 years to build at a total cost 1 trillion USD (a very small tax rise, I've heard), the biggest problem it faces is that a drydock needs to be built first, as it's supposed to be built in space!

For more specs and such, check out the website which I posted on the top - it's very interesting!

Of course, the biggest problem it would be facing before the planning stages begin is approval by the US Congress. To do that, he wants us to "spread the word" and keep it warm. Warm has the word been ever since the site was launched almost three months ago (if I'm correct at the approximate date) a Google search proved (but Paramount Studios removed it when I posted it on the official Star Trek Facebook page, weirdly). After all, governments and parliaments have a tendency to often do what satisfies the general public - it's, after all, them who keep them in power.

As a Star Trek fan, Ufoologist, and someone who attends the Social science program with the profile (in lack of a better translation) Medias, information and communication here in Sweden just because the possibility of one day working with a Star Trek series, this is atleast amusing.

Whatever if it's approved or not, I do believe that it's worth a mention in the Memory Alpha community.

Also - what are your thoughts and ideas about this? 23:47, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

It might warrant some kind of mention on Star Trek parodies and pop culture references. 31dot (talk) 00:17, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

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