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Many people speculate on how phaser arrays work and which ships in Starfleet have the most powerful phasers. Which ship has the better phasers? The Sovereign or the Galaxy and which ship class in superior.

Some people insist it greatly depends on phaser array length but this is from before the Intrepid and Sovereign in which their main arrays are broken up into different sections.

I content that a longer array simply gives a wider firing arc. But the power and intensity are derived from the EPS conduits which are powered by the warp core mainly.

Now since the Sovereign has a warp core that is more advanced and as large as the Galaxy but comes equipped with mk XII phasers while the Galaxy has mk X phasers that the Sovereign has more powerful phasers.

I respectfully ask for my clarity on this matter as the major of Star Trek fans look to this site for guidance on such questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

No one has any idea about how phasers work?????

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