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Hi, all.

I have a CSS question. I'm a mobile user and have had to adjust the body text color in my Wikiaphone.CSS to a gray color so I can read articles (previously, Wikia placed a white background with black text irrespective of the wiki.). Now my question is this: what fields do I need to change to make either the background of things such as TOC, categories, from white to dark. Another solution would be to change the text color in those areas to a dark shade. It's virtually impossible for me to read certain things that are light gray text on a white background (such as a photo caption or some of the wiki link tips in the help section.) I would also like to change the link color in the TOC and categories from a very light blue to something I could choose. If someone could point out the relevant sections of MA's Monaco.CSS for me to edit and add to my Wikiaphone.CSS, I'd really appreciate it! I know enough about markup languages to tinker around but not enough CSS or MA's CSS to discern which sections I need to insert and change.

Note: sometimes Wikia doesn't put the mobile skin on, and things seem to look fine during that (though it's too unwieldly for me to use). All I have right now in my Wikiaphone.CSS is code that changes the text to a readable gray. But it doesn't change all the text (just article bodies), and I'm left with a bunch of white strips with super-light gray in many non-article sections. If I could just change that text to dark or the background to dark, I'd be fine.

Thank you!

Regards, --Cepstrum 13:13, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

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