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My good friend has misplaced his beloved Star Trek jacket.

Look at that picture. See that face? That is the face of pure unadulterated JOY all because he is supporting the fleet with his Star Trek The Tour jacket. Perfect for keeping him warm during those long cold nights in space.

And the back for good measure:

Here's where you come in: his birthday is in a week and change and I want to replace this sadly misplaced and well-loved outerwear. Are you ready and willing to rise to the challenge of tracking one down for me? Denim and Leather Trekjackets have been located, but not this gorgeous piece of warmth and comfort. A Trekkie's birthday wish hangs in the balance!

I've posted on Reddit as well, so the text in the image makes sense.


This was posted back in early January. I've since removed the pictures, since it is well after the birthday has passed, and there were no takers. -- sulfur 14:22, February 15, 2010 (UTC)

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