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This happens quite a few times, I wss just watching Homestead (Voyager, final season) when neelix leaves, members of the crew line up along the path to the turbolift, with his closest friends and the captain at the end.

i did some reasearch but couldnt really find something to call this "ceremony/readition" for lack of words to describe it... is there a name for this event?

and can anybody provide a list of episodes throughout all star trek series which this happens? i recall seeing this a few times but cant think of any specific instances at the moment... (at least once in TNG, maybe it was related to arc where warf gets discommodated...?)

any info with a name (or at least a better way to reference this event then "lineup" would be appreciated, and a list of other places where youve seen this event as well... 04:15, November 2, 2012 (UTC)

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