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I am the co-author of the 'Klingon Covert Operations Manual'. I put together all the computer art, the Klingon text and produced the final print run and then sold it thru 'New Eye Studios' publications until Paramount Studios stopped me from selling the commercial version under copyright infringement. I am still allowed to sell the B&W comb-bound version out of my home. The Admiral rank pin icons I pulled from various FASA Star Trek gaming publications, primarily 'The Klingons #2002', published in 1987. I had sent Majel Barrett a copy of my manual in appreciation of her help in past matters and she had shown it around and obviously someone took note of the pins and used them. As Paramount does not make an effort to normally look at, let alone use material from fan publications, this was likely done for the following reason.... At the time of the publication of my manual, I was running the worlds largest Klingon fanclub, called 'Klingon Strike Force' which I ran from 1984 to 1995 and which is still running but now online and under someone else's command. I was hired as a consultant to Paramount Studios during which time I was permitted to submit ideas to the show. The only key item I'm aware of that I submitted that was used in the show was in the first season of ST:TNG in which Wesley Crusher was talking with his mom, Dr. Beverley Crusher in the medical office and he talked about a new weapon which he didn't mention by name but which he cited principle's of operation from my weapon which used trans-warp engines to seek out external warp displacement signatures in order to home in on that signal and destroy the object. That several of you noted that rank pins were seen in the series based off my use of them in my own manual is much appreciated.

Other key points of my work:

  • I developed the first Klingon text-font for Apple computer before there was even text-font software.
  • The 'Klingon Strike Force' is now the longest-running Klingon fanclub in existence.
  • Articles about myself and my club were written in the following magazines - People, Newsweek and Family Circle.
  • I have done college interviews, radio interviews and both television and newspaper interviews.
  • I was hired to appear in Klingon costume to help open the Portland, Oregons's OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) traveling Star Trek exhibit.

My greatest achievement:

Upstaging William Shatner here in Seattle. He was speaking at the Convention center when I appeared in costume. When the audience heard I was there, a majority left the auditorium to come take pictures of me and Shatner got upset and asked security to have me leave till he finished speaking.

David Christensen aka: Thought-Admiral Keel epetai K'ta-ri Klingon Strike Force; ret.

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