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Please note that I just updated Mediawiki:Uploadtext, the text that gets displayed on the image upload page. It now includes the following sentence:

Please note that failure to add a different license to an image you are the owner of means that you are licensing it under the Creative Commons by-nc license!

With all of our text content being licensed as CC-by-nc by default, I think it is just reasonable to extend this default case to image content as well, where possible.

"Where possible" obviously means those cases where

  1. the uploader didn't choose a different license to begin with AND
  2. we can assume that the uploader is the copyright owner of the image - which we pretty much have to assume in these cases anyway. Otherwise, the upload without license would be a possible copyright violation and the image should be put up for deletion.

If an image is uploaded and a license is not added by the uploader himself, it should later be tagged with

    license= nonegiven
|     owner=
|    source=
| rationale=
, which will yield:

--Cid Highwind 13:49, 17 October 2007 (UTC)

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