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I am currently writing a novel of an Akira Class variant vessel that takes place mostly in the areas around Deep Space Nine, in the Gamma Quadrant, in mid-story the ship will be thrown into a quantum singularity that would take it to fluidic space. I have two questions: My question is what kind of pressures would the Akira Class vessel be able to withstand in a singularity of that type, once in fluidic space would the vessel have to depend on an alternate form of transit other then a warp field generator or would it be nessacary for the crew to appropiate a power system from a local source. I am also placing a prototype secondary engine that I have been using in unpublished works I have done, the secondary engine system creates a field around the vessel to slip the mass of the vessel into subspace, similar to a transport system, the matter remains in normal space yet uses a meta-phasic system similar to the cloaking device recovered from the Pegasus. The difference between the two systems is the ship does not cloak. The further question I have in that is, Does Fluidic Space have a form of subspace similar to non-fluidic space? Any assistance on other related materials would be helpful, the final story line does not need the fluidic space to be successful, I am simply looking for a way to destablize the warp field in normal space so that the vessel would have to use the secondary engine on a regular basis. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Citizen Kirk (talk • contribs).

I would suggest reading the relevant articles here on the site, but I think most of the answers you want would be speculation- which means if you are writing a novel you can just make up something. --31dot 22:06, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

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