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I haven't contributed anything before, but what I have to add is an image I made myself, and I don't see how to do that from looking at examples.

What I have is a schematic for the Akira class starhip, which might be a nice addition to the existing article on that.

I spotted what looked to me like ejection ports at the bottom of the CGI, found that they were directly below the ridge lines of the dual engineering hulls, and also realized that they would be clear of the shuttlebay, since it's narrower there, allowing them to be clear of it, and also that there was no other place in the ship that could accommodate a single vertical warp core that didn't protrude through the shuttlebay and present a danger of destruction of the entire ship in the event of a small accident with a shuttle inside the bay. Other details came the same way: from hints on the exterior.

This is is actually a screenshot from LCARS 24, a DOS-based LCARS GUI, a public project of mine on SourceForge.

Here's it is. Add it, if you like. I'd prefer that you keep it as PNG rather than JPEG, to preserve image quality.

"Bill Morris, Project Administrator, LCARS 24"

It might be nice, if it was based on a real MSD/okudagram, but for all intents and purposes of this site, it is not canon because is it primarily speculative, unless there is some sort of production information this is based on that I am not aware of. --Alan 22:20, 27 June 2007 (UTC)

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