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When we see Garak's quarters in DS9: "The Wire", he has a dozen or so interesting items lined up on his desk. Basically, he has no clear desk space at all, so they wouldn't appear to be the usual desk accessories--rather items he was examining. Since the "triggering device" (some kind of gizmo for triggering the cranial implant that is the subject of the episode) that Bashir retrieves from a desk drawer appears to be made of the same brown material as some of the items on the desk, I'm wondering whether these are mechanical gizmos, too. He also has a metal vase or ewer on the desk, so that's likely a Cardassian knickknack.

Is there any information in DS9 canon (I haven't seen most of the season 3-5 episodes) or information from interviews with production staff as to what in the world these items are? A lot of care appears to have been taken creating them, but they appear only briefly.

Garak has another table in his room cluttered with what appear to be a game board or game boards and possibly more gizmos--but the table is on view only long enough for Garak to upend it. I can't even see it well on pause.

Obsessive? Yes.

MultiplePOV 19:49, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

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