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Does anyone know anything about the hanging artwork in either Benjamin Sisko's or the O'Brien family's quarters?

The art contains a bonzai-style tree that was dark, but the sky above was a brilliant blue or orange sky that held a moon.

Does anyone know anything about these? Or seen anything like them anywhere? Does anyone even know what I am talking about?

In the DS9 Season 7 DVD special feature "Morn Speaks", Mark Allen Shepherd (the actor who played Morn) explains that some of the artwork seen in the crew quarters on Deep Space 9 was done by him. He had shown some of his artwork to Penny Juday (the Star Trek archivist and props manager for Paramount), and she thought it was exactly what they were looking for; some of his works were then seen on screen as set decorations in the crew quarters. I have no idea if the painting you're referring to was one of his, but it might be worth resarching along those lines if you're trying to find it. Take a look at this page on the actor's website: -Taduolus 19:32, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

Here are examples of the two pieces I'm looking for info on:

<img src ="">

<img src ="">

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