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Consultation from other Writers/Trek Fans Required

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Hello fellow Writers/Scribes/Trek Fans!

My name is Markus McLaughlin,

I have been in love of Trek ever since I caught the TOS reruns a year before the TMP was released, I was a 6 year old boy who knew he wanted to be a Writer. I have seen almost every single Trek show from TOS to Enterprise as well as several Animated tales. I have read several Trek novels including the Yesterday's Son series and a few of the Bill Shatner novels. I have been wanting to write a Trek Novel for a long long time but I never found any inspiration until now. I have been enjoying a Non-Trek Novel entitled Failure is not an Option and it struck me that Scotty never wrote a Journal like that and I wanted to create one. A Journal that kept track of the first major refit of the Enterprise would be very cool but I wanted to add some other story to it as well. I came up with a 25th century alien who comes back in time disguised as a Vulcan technician who tries to sabotage the refit of the Enterprise. I wanted to reach out to other Writers for consultation before I embarked on this Novel. I want to have it published by Pocket Books, this is the ultimate goal. I bought the blueprints for TMP as well as a new issue of the TOS Technical Manual to go along with both the TMP novel and the Ex Machina novel. I need help with this, please write me back if you have issues with this idea and/or ideas that would work much better. I really like to be friends with everyone in the Trek community, together we can make a difference! Have a GREAT summer and get ready for Trek XI the film and novel!!!

Sincerely, Markus McLaughlin / / Hudson, MA, USA

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