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I'm still confused on who exactly Frank is and what his canon relationship is with James Kirk. I read the entry on him here and it says that Frank is the stepfather for Jim and his brother George, but aside from the one note in the credits, there is nothing in the movie dialogue itself which indicates this is so. I know that the novelization states that Frank is the stepfather, but I am unsure whether the novelization is considered canon.

I also know Memory Alpha usual policy is that anything not sanctioned by Paramount is non-canon (so movies are canon, comics and novels usually aren't). However, Robert Orci mentioned in an interview that the IDW Star Trek comics (Countdown, the ongoing series, Countdown to Darkness) are considered canon. Now in "The Official Motion Picture Adaptation" comic (which I assume Paramount is approves of since it has "official" in the title) and in the Star Trek ongoing series, Frank is referred to as Jim's uncle, with the ongoing series mentioning that Frank is Winona's brother.

So which one is it? Is Frank officially Jim's stepfather or his uncle? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

That article, Frank (Star Trek), is information from a deleted scene, as such, it discusses what was seen in the scene, and what remained in the film (including the credits mention).
Also, Orci has since backtracked on his comments about the comics being canon. They are not. They will not be. MA will not be treating any of those as canon any time soon either. -- sulfur (talk) 02:20, January 1, 2013 (UTC)