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I commend anyone who contributes here. However, there are some episode summaries that are overwrought. IMO a show page should be a summary not a blow by blow. The most egregious are the "In a mirror darkly" episode summaries ("In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"). They took me longer to read than it took me to watch. Another would be "A Matter of Perspective", over 4000 words for that episode. I really think all three could be more succinct.

And example from "IaMD I", "While they walk through a corridor, the first officer reminds Forrest of a proposal he made to venture into Tholian space. Archer has been informed of technology there which would give the Terran Empire a tactical advantage over the Tholians. However, the captain insists that Enterprise will carry out its orders to rendezvous with the Terran Empire assault fleet. Forrest argues that the Empire is attempting to crush a rebellion and Starfleet has no time to deal with the Tholians."

"While they walk through a corridor" is totally unnecessary. Scenery is only necessary in as much as it's the bridge, the captain's cabin, or other areas relevant to the plot. Furthermore, the whole thing is just a bullet point. I.E. Archer wants to get the Tholian technology, Forrest over rules him to rejoin the fleet.

This loquaciousness is, IMO, contrary to a reference medium and I hope everyone takes it to heart. Samadhi69 03:36, 24 August 2006 (UTC)