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Is there an available vector (or non-vectored) HQ image of the Star Trek Universe from any timeline/time period? I started working on an interactive map of the Universe with some request from the /r/startrek reddit site, and before I go further, I'd just like to have some canon source material (at least confirmed canon) to work on:

If it's vectored, that's great, because then I should be able to split the layers and work with them individually. The preceding unsigned comment was added by DavisTasar (talk • contribs).

I'm not sure if there are any canon maps of the entire universe... but ones of portions of the galaxy can be found. We have a category full of images of maps, but the ones that would like interest you most are:
Hope that helps a bit. -- sulfur (talk) 20:34, February 26, 2013 (UTC)

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