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Wiki software was designed to work with white background rather than a black background. This means that if a black background is used, many purposeful style changes will have to be made to compensate. The most obvious is the blue link text. There seems to be two link colors, the darker blue I can't read without squinting. I have also noticed that many elements (i.e. the search box) clash with the dark background. This is probably affecting viewership and participation. 16:54, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

The MediaWiki software that we use is designed to be able to have multiple skins, via CSS. The default MediaWiki skin, called Monobook, is black-on-white out of the box, and looks very much like Wikipedia. As an anonymous viewer, your default skin is Monaco, as are the default skins for all Wikia wikis. By creating a username and logging in, you have control of your skin, among other options. Our default skin is also Monobook, but it's been highly customized to be a white-on-dark theme, as you've noted (as has our version of the Monaco skin). It's *not* (or shouldn't be) white on black, but rather white on a dark grey background. The navigation bar above has a true black background, for example. I suspect that your monitor's brightness and/or contrast may be set too dark, because if the settings are correct, everything should be clearly visible, including the darker blue links. I view the site on multiple systems, using different browsers, and have had no problems on any system I've used thus far. This doesn't mean, obviously, that you still might prefer a black-on-white theme. The easiest way to change this, again, is to log in and set your preferences. -- Renegade54 17:51, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

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