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I was just watching Voy: Scorpion (for like the 8th time), and something occurred to me. And I was wondering what other people thought, and if any writers/directors/actors ever said anything about this.

The Borg seem to represent the Tyranny of Democracy. Specifically because their society is a perfect, pure democracy; While at the same time being as close to 100% pure evil as you can get.

All Borg are equal, and all Borg have a equal say in how their society functions. At the same time, All Borg have zero freewill or any individual freedom, as a necessary result of being in a perfect pure democracy.

I found this interesting, and I was wondering if this was intentional, or if the creators of the Borg did not realise that what they describe is a pure democratic society. Wisnoskij (talk) 17:56, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

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