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I wanted to expand on the article section about Vulcan physiology ( But I don’t know if my sources would be considered “valid” or “canon” according to Memory Alpha. There was a “Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual” published in 1977. The information I wanted to add comes from this and specifies a few things that a lot of fanfiction writers are heatedly debating, like average Vulcan body temperature (91F) and how Vulcans are able to control their temperature (dilated blood vessels). Personally, I accept this book on Vulcan physiology as canon. The rest of the information that the manual expounds on is already on this site, like average life spans and Vulcan blood being green because it's copper based.

Is this source material acceptable, or does Memory Alpha only accept what’s been established in episodes and movies?

These are the specific sources I'd be going off of (all the information comes from the same source, the Star Trek Medical Manual):

Memory Alpha, and Paramount themselves, only accept what was on screen and in the movies as canon, so this isn't official canon. That said, it may be acceptable to add information to the articles as background information, using the {{bginfo|}} template. I'd certainly be interested in having that info in the article. You can find more info on our canon policy over at MA:CANON. --OuroborosCobra talk 20:43, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

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