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I was recently watching the newest Trek movie and began to ponder a question.

We know that the use of Red Matter caused the initial blackhole that the Spock and Nero used to go back in time with the first time around.

Spock also used the Timeship to crash into the Narada to use the release of the Red Matter to destroy the Narada.

If you notice during the fate of the Narada that the Narada is in two different spacial locations. The first being in the new alternative time line that Nero created and the second alternative time line that was created a second time when the Red Matter was used for the second time since its creation.

The question is where or when did the engine part of the Narada arrive at? Could the Narada have been occupying two different points in time at one time? What influence in the new timeline did the presence of the engine section of the Narada have on the new timeline?

The real question is this however. First off we would need to know the location the command deck that Nero commanded the ship from. If the command deck was on the other side of the wormhole created by the Jellyfishes sacrifice then it might have been possible for Nero to escape into the alternate time line.

We didn't see Nero's death as the one side of the wormhole tore the Narada apart. If Nero did escape into another time line he may be possibly on his way to V'ger's homeplanet again to aquire technology that would allow him not only the ability to destroy the Vulcan planet and the Federation in the newest alternate reality but such a move would also allow Nero to possibly come back through another wormhole into the older alternate reality ( the reality created in the new Trek Movie) to continue his pursuit of killing Spock as many times as possible.

Nero's blood lust for killing Spock and avenging the destruction of Romulus would not just be contained to one Universe since Nero knows that as long as Spock exists then Romulus will be destroyed. And since Nero knows that he can now go anywhere in time through the use of V'ger's technology Nero will most likely spend an eternity hunting down and killing as many Spocks as he can.

Eventually however there will be a time slip where Nero's actions will result in a looped folding action of all time meeting at one point in which all of the alternate times will coexist with all other alternate times thus destroying the entire Universe as space and time tears itself apart as the billions of alternate realities try to occupy each other at precisely the same instance. The preceding unsigned comment was added by DrysonB (talk • contribs).

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