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Hey everyone. I'm new here and searching out some info about AMT Enterprise model kits. If anyone can help... A newer issue AMT610 TOS Enterprise has been released. It's supposed to be a re-issue of the original. The original I remember had a strange nacelle pylon attachment method which was later changed in a re-tool known as AMT model #6676. Follow me so far? So the big question, is AMT610, the new issue actually the same kit as AMT6676 from the 1970's, or from the 1966 AMT release known as S921. Does anyone know what this new kit is? It's scale is different, yet it claims to be a re-release. I guess what I should be asking is, if I purchase the new AMT610, am I just buying AMT6676 all over again? Or is there a difference. The scales must be wrong... Can anyone help? I don't want to by multiples of the same kit. Is 6676 the same as 610 and the same as S921 ??

UPDATE: FYI - The difference in the kits is the following; Re-release 610 has hull marking decals, (windows, etc...), as well as a new list of ship decals since they've eliminated some and added some since it's original release. (It also includes the "Mirror, Mirror" decals as well). AMT6676 has molded grid lines on the saucer, while this re-release AMT610 has a smooth saucer. It is actually not a 're-release', but a hybrid kit, with rear engine nacelle caps matching the newer version, along with decals for ships made canon in the 1990's. The engine pylon's are also the newer version of the 'slip in slot' from 6676. AMT S951 from 1966 had little loops and connecting pieces to connect the engines to the lower hull. The saucer, appears to be the S951 smooth saucer... The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jimibrix (talk • contribs).

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