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I don't understand how the battle scene unfolded. When Enterprise orbits the planet and detects Kruge's ship by sight, Kirk orders a red alert (which doesn't raise the shields, although shields are shown to be automatically raised with a red alert). He and McCoy have a short discussion where McCoy mentions "No shields?" and Kirk says "If my guess is right, they'll have to decloak before they can fire." Clearly Kirk believes he has an advantage, but if he does, why does he wait for the BoP to decloak? The BoP decloaks, which takes five seconds. Sulu waits until the ship has decloaked completely before announcing it to Kirk, who orders Scotty to fire. The next part I do not understand at all. The Enterprise fires two photon torpedoes and Kirk orders Chekov to raise shields. We hear the beeping noise off camera associated with shields being raised, but Chekov says they don't respond. However what I don't understand is why the BoP still exists. In the TNG and DS9 era, shielded fully-armed birds-of-prey are destroyed with single torpedo impacts. Here the BoP (if the dialogue is to be believed) was completely unshielded when he decloaked. Yet after a few bridge consoles spark and Kruge's pet targ is electrocuted, he screams "EMERGENCY! POWER! To the THRUSTERS!" which apparently is tied into the weapons system, b/c a single plasma charge cripples the Enterprise. By any rights, two photon torpedoes against a BoP, shielded or not, should have destroyed or caused catastrophic damage to the BoP. Anyone else understand it? 21:02, November 12, 2013 (UTC)

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