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Hi All. Wikia have made a new feature that may be useful to you. It's a link/tab on each article to "report a problem". This leads to a small form that can be used to give information on what's wrong. Admins then have a special page that allows them to mark each as fixed, not a problem, or to flag it for Wikia staff. The idea is to catch all the people that don't know enough about wikis yet to fix things themselves, or how to find admins to help them. At the moment, we get email from people with problems that would much better be addressed by local admins, maybe this will help fix that!

So, this will be enabled shortly and is on Inside Wikia now. Please have a look at it, try it out, and let us know whether it's something you want. The reports page is at Special:ProblemReports and the link/tab is on each article page. If this won't be helpful to you, we can disable it for your wiki. All feedback gratefully received! Thanks -- sannse@fandom (talk) 22:01, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

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