Fortune cookie

An unopened fortune cookie

A fortune cookie was a type of cookie from Earth that contained a piece of paper with a "fortune" inside. They were often served in Chinese restaurants.

Gabriel Lorca's family made fortune cookies in the 22nd century, and Lorca kept a bowl of them in his ready room on the USS Discovery. In 2256, he offered one to Michael Burnham as a symbol for the possibilities of working on his ship.

When the Discovery returned from the Mirror universe and Lorca's deception was revealed, Vice-Admiral Katrina Cornwell used a phaser to vaporize Lorca's bowl of fortune cookies in anger.(DIS: "Context Is for Kings", "The War Without, The War Within")

Fortune cookie, The Expanse

A fortune cookie in a deleted scene

In a deleted scene from "The Expanse", Becky broke a fortune cookie and told Jonathan Archer that he was in luck regarding his previous question about joining Becky in her apartment.

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