The first officer's mission journal aboard the IKS Toh'Kaht was used by Hon-Tihl to record his log entries. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

Entries Edit

  • "First Officer's journal, day 22. Exploration of the fifth planet proved to be a waste of time. This world is not worthy of a Klingon colony. All we found was a collection of energy spheres which possessed some type of telepathic archive. The spheres described an ancient power struggle that destroyed a race called the Saltah'na. We will forward our results to our science divisions."
  • "We have lost the battle for decks five through twelve. The armory remains in the hands of Captain Tel-Peh, who demands my death. But I remain confident that I can gain control of this ship."
  • "First Officer's mission journal, day 26. I am weakened by my wounds. I sense my enemies are closing in. Still, I was able to hide the thalmerite device under a crossbeam near the reactor core on deck 26. Rather than be taken prisoner, I will blow up this ship and transport to safety. Perhaps Medical Officer Kee-Bhor was right. All our trouble began when we opened those energy spheres. All I know is that Captain Tel-Peh must die. Journal closed."

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