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"Captain, as your exec, it's my duty to point out alternatives."
– Will Decker to James T. Kirk, 2270s (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Aboard a starship the first officer or executive officer (or XO) was the second-in-command, just below the captain.

Duties Edit

In Starfleet the position was usually held by an officer with the rank of commander or lieutenant commander.

In Starfleet's early period of existence, the first officer would accompany the captain on landing parties, depending on the situation. By the 24th century, however, it was the first officer who usually led away teams while the captain remained on the ship.

In the 22nd and 23rd centuries, the first officer served as a department head first and the executive officer second (similar to the second officer and third officer) and only took command when the captain left the bridge, as such, there was no first officer's station as there would be in the 24th century, as the XO would alternate between the command chair and their station as a department head.

By the 24th century it was not uncommon for the first officer, as adviser, to give orders to the crew even with the captain on the bridge. While the captain had the authority to countermand such orders, the captain usually supported the first officer's decisions.

Other noted functions of the first officer aboard a Federation starship were:

Noted first officers Edit

Some noted first officers in Starfleet history were:

The Starfleet of the alternate reality established in 2233 by the temporal incursion of the Romulan Nero had the following noteworthy first officers:

  • James T. Kirk, briefly first officer of USS Enterprise (promoted by Captain Christopher Pike following Spock's transfer to the USS Bradbury, but never serving in that capacity shipboard)
  • Commander Spock of the USS Enterprise and Bradbury (the latter in name only, as he never had the chance to serve there)

List of first officers Edit

Starfleet Edit

  • Commander Chakotay
    • USS Voyager (2371 – 2378)
  • Lieutenant Commander Data
    • USS Enterprise-D (2369)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander Shelby
    • USS Enterprise-D (2367)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander / Captain Spock
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Worf
    • USS Enterprise-D (2370)
    • USS Defiant (2372 – 2375)
    • USS Sao Paulo (2375)
A deleted scene from Star Trek Nemesis introduced Commander Martin Madden as the new first officer of the USS Enterprise-E

Klingon Empire Edit

  • Commander Kurn
    • USS Enterprise-D (2366, part of the Officer Exchange Program)

Other Edit

Mirror universe Edit

Alternate timelines Edit

  • Lieutenant Sato
    • Enterprise NX-01 (2165)
  • Commander Thelin
    • USS Enterprise (2269)
  • Commander Worf
    • USS Enterprise-D (2367 – 2370)

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  • Commander Worf
    • USS Enterprise-E (2380)

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