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Multiple realities
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Bajoran lightship fireworks

Fireworks display

USS Voyager over Golden Gate Bridge

Fireworks at the Golden Gate Bridge when Voyager returned to Earth in an alternate timeline

A fireworks display was a celebratory event comprised of explosions of light and sound given off by a firework or other light source.

In 2371, Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake successfully navigated a replica of an eight hundred-year-old Bajoran spaceship from Deep Space 9 to Cardassia, giving evidence to the theory that ancient Bajorans had done the same. Upon reaching Cardassia, they were greeted with fireworks. (DS9: "Explorers")

In 2373, Enrique Muniz, who was in delirium shortly before his death, mistook the Dominion's ultritium concussion shell bombardment of the ship he and others were trapped in on Torga IV, as a fireworks display like those of the Carnival he had attended as a youth in Spain. (DS9: "The Ship")

In an alternate timeline in which the USS Voyager did not return to Earth until 2394, the ship was greeted in San Francisco with fireworks. (VOY: "Endgame")

In another alternate timeline, the Delta Flyer reached Earth by using a quantum slipstream drive. When they reached Earth they were received with antimatter fireworks. (VOY: "Timeless")

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