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File:Firek Goff.jpg|thumb|Firek Goff (2152)]] Firek Goff was a Retellian man that owned a cargo ship with his brother, Firek Plinn.

In 2152, they attacked a Kriosian transport and kidnapped First Monarch Kaitaama with the intent to hold her for ransom. During the kidnapping attempt, their ship's life support systems began to fail. When the Enterprise NX-01 came upon them, Captain Jonathan Archer offered assistance. Goff tried to hide his scheme by explaining that he and his brother were hired to transport a woman to her homeworld. Goff stated that the woman was kept in stasis because of the length of the trip. He accepted the Enterprise's offer of help to repair his ship, but refused Archer's offer to transport the woman since the Enterprise was a much faster ship. Trip Tucker, while attempting to repair Goff's ship, learned that the woman in stasis was a prisoner. Goff attacked Tucker, knocked him unconscious, left his partner on the Enterprise and fled with Tucker still on the ship. After Tucker and Kaitaama escaped, Goff tracked them down on a deserted planet. He was subdued by Tucker, they were rescued, and Goff was arrested. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

Firek Goff was played by actor Scott Klace.

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