Fire plains

Fire Plains on Vulcan (2154)

The Fire Plains were a lava field formation on Vulcan consisting of fiery pits and several large statues.

In the story of "Falor's Journey", when T'Para offered Falor truth, he crossed the barren Fire Plains to get to the silent monks of Kir. (VOY: "Innocence")

There was a proto-Vulcan drama called Clash on the Fire Plains. Neelix was going to read this to Tuvok, performing all twenty-three parts himself, in hopes it would help him recover. (VOY: "Riddles")

In 2154, when Starfleet Commanders Tucker and T'Pol went on a sight-seeing expedition to Vulcan, one of the many sites they visited was the Vulcan Fire Plains. They stood on a cliff overlooking the vista as T'Pol informed Tucker, who was besotted with her, that she was due to marry Koss. (ENT: "Home", "Affliction")

In the script of "Home", the Fire Plains were described thus; "A vast, boiling field of lava stretches for kilometers in the distance. Enormous rock statues stand on a cliff overlooking the fire plains... they’re carved in the image of ancient Vulcan warriors. The statues loom over the scene with power and majesty." In an ultimately omitted line of dialogue from the same script, T'Pol explained, "The statues were built around the time of the Awakening... more than two thousand Earth years [ago]."

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