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Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
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The Fibona or Fibonans were a spacefaring species that engaged in conflict with the Teenaxi in the 22nd century. Their nation was called the Fibonan Republic and was led by the Fibona High Council. The Fibona believed that surrendering a weapon constituted an offer of truce.

In 2263 of the alternate reality, the Fibona charged the United Federation of Planets to act as neutral intermediaries in brokering a truce with the Teenaxi, which was carried out by the USS Enterprise. As per their custom, they handed over a piece of an ancient weapon to be gifted to the Teenaxi, telling Enterprise commanding officer James T. Kirk that they had acquired it long ago. Captain Kirk attempted to explain the significance of the gesture, but the Teenaxi leader was suspicious and attacked Kirk, forcing him to transport back to the Enterprise with the peace offering still in hand. (Star Trek Beyond)

According to a Simon Pegg interview in Star Trek Magazine issue 184,  p. 16, the planet was "Fabona" instead. However, the term "Fibonan Republic" appears on an archive computer screen showing the Abronath, near the start of the film.

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