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Ferris (Commissioner)

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Ferris (Commissioner)

Galactic High Commissioner Ferris in 2267

Galactic High Commissioner Ferris was a 23rd century Federation bureaucrat. In 2267, Ferris was overseeing the delivery of medical supplies aboard the USS Enterprise to Makus III, for transshipment to the New Paris colonies.

Ferris opposed Captain Kirk's delay, in interest of exploring the Murasaki Effect, a mission Kirk had standing orders to conduct. Ferris was insensitive to the loss of the shuttlecraft Galileo, continuously citing the importance of his mission. Ferris would later assume authority over the mission, granted to him under Title 15 of galactic emergency procedures. (TOS: "The Galileo Seven")

Commissoner Ferris was played by actor John Crawford. In FASA RPG supplement The Four Years War, Ferris was referred to as "Mitchell Ferris".

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