Ferengi rifle

A Ferengi rifle

The Ferengi rifle was a type of rifle used by Ferengi. A group of Ferengi pirates under the command of Ulis were armed with one such weapon while attempting to ransack the NX-class starship Enterprise. Jonathan Archer, the ship's commanding officer, once referred to it as a "gun."

A member of the pirate crew, named Muk, initially had the Ferengi rifle aboard Enterprise, slung over his left shoulder. However, it fell to the floor when Muk reacted in shock to a sparking open panel in Engineering. When Captain Archer later regained consciousness in the company of the Ferengi pirates, Muk was warily pointing the weapon at him. He kept aiming the rifle at Archer as he and the group spoke but also struck the captain three times with it. When the entire group of Ferengi except for Krem left, Muk handed the rifle to Krem, who was instructed by Ulis to make Archer do the manual loading of goods from Enterprise onto the Ferengi ship. Krem kept the weapon with him until after Sub-Commander T'Pol rendered him unconscious with a Vulcan nerve pinch. He no longer had the rifle with him when he went back to the Ferengi ship and, along with the other Ferengi, departed from Enterprise. (ENT: "Acquisition")

This weapon is not named on screen. It is referred to as a "Ferengi rifle" in the final draft script of "Acquisition". In that teleplay, T'Pol is scripted to have the weapon with her after she "nerve pinches" Krem, at which point she releases Archer from being handcuffed aboard Enterprise.