The Ferengi Bill of Opportunities was a central document in Ferengi government that defined the rights of individuals in Ferengi society, including who could seek profit.

Until 2374, the Bill of Opportunities strictly forbade Ferengi women from wearing clothing or seeking profit. That year, Grand Nagus Zek added an amendment to the Bill to allow women to wear clothing. This move was motivated by his alliance with Ishka as part of her plan to eventually gain equal status for Ferengi women, including the right to engage in business and accumulate wealth.

The amendment by Zek was hugely unpopular and he was temporarily deposed by the Ferengi Commerce Authority as a consequence. However, Commissioner Nilva, under the influence of Quark masquerading as a female, decided to support the amendment. Nilva's thinking was that Ferengi society needed to evolve and embrace new business opportunities, including that offered by the female half of the Ferengi population. (DS9: "Profit and Lace")

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