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Fennim was a member of the Think Tank and its only humanoid member besides Kurros. Fennim's speech patterns were drastically different from most humanoids, therefore, it is inadequate for the universal translator to speak "our language."

Some of his duties were to greet those interested in seeking help from the Think Tank and introduce them to Kurros. He assisted Kurros in the plot to retrieve Seven of Nine and enlist her in the Think Tank.

When USS Voyager sent a carrier wave to disrupt the Think Tank, Fennim was unable to communicate with Kurros. (VOY: "Think Tank")

Fennim was played by uncredited co-star Steven Dennis.
The costume worn by Dennis as Fennim was sold in week 16 of the It's A Wrap! sale and auction for US$501. [1] The costume consists of a large number of ornaments placed in square sections. One of the sections contains a rear admiral's triangular braid insignia from the early seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Femmin's species and origin were not identified.

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