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Feinberger was the sobriquet applied to props used in Star Trek: The Original Series. It referred to the series' property master, Irving Feinberg, who was responsible for acquiring ready-made portable items to be used in the show, as well as caring for specially-created items. Feinberg had the ability to find common, everyday objects and use them in a completely futuristic context. An example of this would be the laser scalpels found in sickbay; these, in fact, were salt shakers intended for use in "The Man Trap". (The Making of Star Trek)

Feinberg was protective of his charges, often admonishing cast and crew for perceived mishandling of props. According to David Gerrold, Feinberg went so far as to slap people on the hands and even removed a tribble from a very young girl who simply wanted to pet it. (The Trouble with Tribbles)

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