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The following is a list of Federation starships that were in service to Starfleet at one time. The Prime Directive was observed on these ships. (TNG: "Angel One")


Ship Name Registry Class Remark
USS Adelphi Unknown Unknown
Aeon Unknown Template:ShipType
USS Agamemnon Unknown Unknown
USS Ahwahnee NCC-2048 Unknown
USS Ahwahnee NCC-71620 Template:ShipClass
USS Ajax NCC-11574 Template:ShipClass
USS Akagi NCC-62158 Unknown
USS Al-Batani Unknown Unknown
USS Albert Einstein NCC-85183 Unknown same registry as USS John F. Kennedy
USS Aleo NCC-1981 Unknown
USS Alka-Selsior NCC-1404 Unknown
Antares NCC-501 Template:ShipType
USS Antares unknown unknown
USS Appalachia NCC-52136 Template:ShipClass
USS Archer NCC-44278 Unknown
USS Ariel Unknown Survey ship
USS Aries NCC-45167 Template:ShipClass
USS Armstrong NCC-1769 Unknown
USS Armstrong Unknown Unknown
USS Atlantis NCC-72007 Unknown
B-24-CLN Unknown Unknown
USS Baton Rouge Unknown Unknown
USS Bellerophon NCC-62048 Template:ShipClass
USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 Template:ShipClass
USS Berlin NCC-14232 Template:ShipClass
USS Biko Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Billings Unknown Unknown
Bonaventure 10281NCC Template:ShipType
USS Bonchune NCC-70915 Template:ShipClass
USS Bozeman NCC-1941 Template:ShipClass
USS Bradbury NX-72307 Template:ShipClass
USS Brattain NCC-21166 Template:ShipClass Name spelled erroneously Brittain on ship
USS Budapest NCC-64923 Template:ShipClass
USS Buran NCC-57580 Template:ShipClass
USS Cairo Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Callisto Unknown Unknown
USS Carolina Unknown Unknown
USS Carolina Unknown Unknown
USS Centaur NCC-42043 Template:ShipType
USS Challenger NCC-2032 Unknown
USS Challenger NCC-71099 Template:ShipClass
USS Charleston NCC-42285 Template:ShipClass
USS Chekov NCC-57302 Template:ShipClass
USS Chicago Unknown Unknown
USS Clavin Unknown Unknown
USS Clement Unknown Unknown
USS Cochrane NCC-59318 Template:ShipClass
USS Columbia NCC-621 Scout
USS Concord Unknown Unknown
USS Constantinople Unknown Transport
USS Constellation NCC-1017 Template:ShipClass
USS Constellation NCC-1974 Template:ShipClass
USS Constellation NCC-55817 Unknown
USS Copernicus NCC-640 Template:ShipClass
USS Copernicus NCC-58637 Unknown
USS Cortez Unknown Unknown
USS Crazy Horse Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Crockett Unknown Unknown
USS Curry NCC-42254 Template:ShipType
USS D'hjty Unknown Unknown
USS Defiant NCC-1764 Template:ShipClass
USS Defiant NX-74205 Template:ShipClass
USS Denver Unknown Unknown
USS Destiny Unknown Unknown
USS Discovery Unknown Unknown
USS Donovan Unknown Unknown
USS Drake Unknown Unknown
USS Drake Unknown Unknown
USS Eagle NCC-956 Unknown
USS Elkins NCC-74121 Template:ShipType
USS Elmer Fudd NCC-85343 Unknown same registry as USS Mustang and USS Puget Sound
USS Emden NCC-1856 Unknown
USS Endeavour NCC-1895 Unknown
USS Endeavour NCC-39272 Unknown
USS Endeavour NCC-71805 Template:ShipClass
USS Entente NCC-2120 Dreadnought
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Template:ShipClass
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution-class
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Template:ShipClass refit
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B Template:ShipClass refit
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C Template:ShipClass
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Template:ShipClass
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Template:ShipClass
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J Template:ShipType
USS Equicon NCC-1988 Unknown
USS Equinox NCC-72381 Template:ShipClass
USS Essex NCC-173 Template:ShipClass
USS Excalibur NCC-1664 Template:ShipClass
USS Excalibur NCC-26517 Template:ShipClass
USS Excelsior NCC-2000 Template:ShipClass
USS Exeter NCC-1672 Template:ShipClass
USS Exeter NCC-26531 Unknown
USS Farragut Unknown Unknown
USS Farragut NCC-60597 Template:ShipClass
USS Farragut Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Fearless NCC-14598 Template:ShipClass
USS Firebrand NCC-68723 Template:ShipClass
USS Fleming Unknown Transport
USS Fredrickson NCC-42111 Template:ShipClass
USS Galaxy NCC-70637 Template:ShipClass
USS Gallico Unknown Unknown
USS Gander Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Gandhi Unknown Unknown
USS Ganges NCC-72454 Template:ShipClass
USS Ganymede Unknown Unknown
USS Gettysburg Unknown Unknown
USS G'Mat Unknown Unknown
USS Goddard NCC-59621 Template:ShipClass
USS Gorkon Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Gremlin Unknown Unknown
USS Greyhound Unknown Unknown
USS Grissom NCC-638 Template:ShipClass
USS Grissom Unknown Unknown
USS Hathaway NCC-2593 Template:ShipClass
USS Havana Unknown Unknown
USS Heart of Gold NCC-42 Unknown
USS Helin NCC-1692 Unknown
USS Hera Unknown Unknown
USS Hermes NCC-10376 Unknown
USS Hispaniola Unknown Unknown
USS Honshu NCC-60205 Template:ShipClass
USS Hood Unknown Unknown
USS Hood NCC-1703 Template:ShipClass
USS Hood NCC-42296 Template:ShipClass
USS Horatio Unknown Template:ShipClass
Horizon Unknown Unknown
USS Horizon NCC-176 Template:ShipClass
USS Hornet NCC-45231 Template:ShipClass
USS Huron NCC-F1913 Template:ShipType
USS Intrepid NCC-1631 Template:ShipClass
USS Intrepid NCC-38907 Template:ShipClass
USS Intrepid NCC-74600 Template:ShipClass
USS James Fennimore Cooper NCC-4077 Unknown Name is correctly spelled James Fenimore Cooper
USS Jenolan NCC-2010 Template:ShipClass
USS John F. Kennedy NCC-85183 Unknown same registry as USS Albert Einstein
USS John Muir NCC-1732 Unknown
USS Kearsarge Unknown Unknown
USS Kelvin NCC-0514 Template:ShipType
USS Kongo NCC-1710 Unknown
USS Korolev NCC-2014 Unknown
USS Kyushu NCC-65491 Template:ShipClass
USS Lakota NCC-42768 Template:ShipClass
USS Lalo Unknown Unknown
USS Lantree NCC-1837 Template:ShipClass
USS LaSalle Unknown Unknown
USS Leeds NCC-70352 Template:ShipClass
USS Lexington NCC-1709 Template:ShipClass
USS Lexington Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Liberator NCC-67016 Unknown
USS Livingston Unknown Unknown
USS Madison Unknown Unknown
USS Magellan Unknown Unknown
USS Majestic NCC-31060 Template:ShipClass
USS Malinche Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Malone Unknown Unknown
USS Maryland Unknown Unknown
USS Matte Fringe NCC-12898 Unknown
USS Max Plank NCC-28573 Unknown Name is spelled correctly Max Planck
USS Mayflower NCC-1621 Unknown
USS Mayflower Unknown Unknown
USS Mekong NCC-72617 Template:ShipClass
USS Melbourne NCC-62043 Template:ShipClass
USS Merrimac NCC-1715 Cruiser
USS Merrimac NCC-61827 Template:ShipClass
USS Minnow NCC-19585 Unknown same registry as USS Tranquility Base
USS Min'ow Unknown Unknown
USS Monitor NCC-61826 Template:ShipClass
USS Muleskinner Unknown Unknown
USS Musashi Unknown Unknown
USS Mustang NCC-85343 Unknown same registry as USS Elmer Fudd and USS Puget Sound
USS Nash NCC-2010-5 Template:ShipClass
USS Nautilus NCC-31910 Template:ShipClass
USS Niels Bohr Unknown Unknown
USS Nightwing NCC-8342 Unknown
USS Noble Unknown Unknown
USS Nobel Unknown Unknown
USS Non Sequitur NCC-12999 Unknown
USS Northridge Unknown Unknown
USS Nova NCC-73515 Unknown
USS Oberth NCC-602 Template:ShipClass
Odin Unknown Unknown
USS Odyssey NCC-71832 Template:ShipClass
USS Okinawa Unknown Unknown
USS Olympia Unknown Unknown
USS Omaha Nebraska NCC-5252 Unknown
USS Orinoco NCC-72905 Template:ShipClass
USS Pasteur NCC-58925 Template:ShipClass
USS Pegasus NCC-53847 Template:ShipClass
USS Philadelphia Unknown Unknown
USS Petersen Unknown Unknown
USS Phoenix NCC-65420 Template:ShipClass
USS Portland Unknown Unknown
USS Potemkin NCC-1657 Template:ShipClass
USS Potemkin NCC-18253 Template:ShipClass
USS Princeton NCC-59804 Unknown
USS Prokofiev Unknown Unknown
USS Prometheus NCC-71201 Template:ShipClass
USS Prometheus NX-59650 Template:ShipClass
USS Proxima Unknown Unknown
USS Pueblo Unknown Unknown
USS Puget Sound NCC-85343 Unknown same registry as USS Elmer Fudd and USS Mustang
Raging Queen NCC-42284 Template:ShipType
USS Raman NCC-29487 Science vessel
USS Relativity NCV-474439-G Template:ShipClass
USS Reliant NCC-1864 Template:ShipClass
USS Renegade Unknown Frigate
USS Republic NCC-1371 Unknown
USS Repulse NCC-2544 Template:ShipClass
USS Revere NCC-595 Scout
USS Rhode Island NCC-72701 Template:ShipClass
USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 Template:ShipClass
USS Robert Louis Stevenson Unknown Unknown
USS Roosevelt Unknown Unknown
USS Rubicon NCC-72936 Template:ShipClass
USS Rutledge Unknown Unknown
SS Santa Maria BDR-529 Template:ShipClass
USS Sao Paulo NCC-75633 Template:ShipClass
USS Sarajevo NCC-38529 Unknown
USS Saratoga NCC-1887 Template:ShipClass
USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Template:ShipClass
USS Saratoga Unknown Unknown
USS Sarek Unknown Unknown
USS Scovil NCC-1598 Unknown
USS Seaquest Unknown Unknown
USS Seaview Unknown Unknown
USS Sentinel Unknown Unknown
USS Shenandoah NCC-73024 Template:ShipClass
USS Shepard Unknown Unknown
USS Sherlock Holmes NCC-221B Unknown
USS ShirKahr NCC-31905 Template:ShipClass
USS Silversides Unknown Unknown
USS Sitak Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Springfield NCC-1963 Unknown
USS Stargazer NCC-2893 Template:ShipClass
USS Strata Unknown Geoterraforming vessel
USS Suleiman Unknown Unknown
USS Sutherland NCC-72015 Template:ShipClass
USS Syracuse Unknown Unknown
USS T'Kumbra Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Tecumseh Unknown Unknown
USS Thomas Paine NCC-65530 Template:ShipClass
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 Template:ShipClass
USS Tian An Men NCC-21382 Template:ShipClass
USS Ticonderoga NCC-87270 Unknown
USS Titan Unknown Unknown
USS Tolstoy Unknown Unknown
USS Tombaugh Unknown Unknown
USS Tranquility Base NCC-19585 Unknown same registry as USS Minnow
USS Trial NCC-1948 Template:ShipClass
USS Trieste NCC-37124 Template:ShipClass
USS Tripoli NCC-19386 Unknown
USS Truman Unknown Unknown
USS Truman Unknown Unknown
SS Tsiolkovsky NCC-53911 Template:ShipClass
USS Tycho NCC-85103 Unknown
USS Ulysses Unknown Unknown
USS Unicorn Unknown Unknown
USS Valdemar Unknown Unknown
USS Valiant Unknown Unknown
USS Valiant NCC-74210 Template:ShipClass
USS Valiant NCC-75418 Unknown
USS Valley Forge NCC-43305 Template:ShipClass
USS Venture NCC-71854 Template:ShipClass
USS Veracruz Unknown Unknown
SS Vico NAR-18834 Template:ShipClass
USS Victory NCC-9754 Template:ShipClass
USS Volga Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Voyager NCC-74656 Template:ShipClass
USS Wolcott Unknown Unknown
USS Wellington Unknown Unknown
USS White Sands Unknown Unknown
USS Whorfin NCC-1024 Unknown
Woden NCC-325 Template:ShipType
USS Wyoming NCC-43730 Unknown
USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 Template:ShipClass
USS Yamato NCC-1305-E/NCC-71807 Template:ShipClass
USS Yangtzee Kiang NCC-72453 Template:ShipClass
USS Yeager NCC-61947 Template:ShipClass
USS Yeager NCC-65674 Template:ShipType
USS Yellowstone Unknown Unknown
USS Yellowstone NX-74751 Template:ShipClass
Yorkshire NCC-330 Template:ShipType
USS Yorktown Unknown Unknown
USS Yorktown Unknown Unknown
USS Yosemite NCC-19002 Template:ShipClass
USS Yukon Unknown Template:ShipClass
USS Zapata NCC-33184 Template:ShipClass
USS Zhukov NCC-26136 Template:ShipClass
Unknown NCC-1685 Unknown
Unknown NCC-1697 Unknown
Unknown NCC-1700 Template:ShipClass
Unknown NCC-1718 Unknown
Unknown NCC-1831 Unknown
Unknown NCC-7100 Template:ShipClass
Unknown NCC-G1465 Robot grain ship
Unknown NCC-71325 Unknown
Unknown NCC-73918 Template:ShipClass
Unknown NCC-75227 Federation mission scoutship

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