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The following is a list of starship classes employed by the Federation.


Class Name Type Century
Class 4 stardrive vessel Survey vessel 23rd century
Aeon-type Timeship 29th century
Akira-class Heavy Escort 24th century
Ambassador-class Heavy cruiser 24th century
Antares-class freighter 24th century
Antares-type Survey ship/Transport/Freighter/Science vessel 23rd century
Apollo-class unknown 24th century
Armstrong-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Bonaventure-type unknown unknown
Bradbury-class unknown 24th century
Centaur-type Destroyer 24th century
Challenger-class unknown 24th century
Cheyenne-class unknown 24th century
Constellation-class Explorer 23rd century
Constitution-class Star cruiser 23rd century
Constitution-class Class I Heavy Cruisers 23rd century (alternate reality)
Curry-type unknown 24th century
Daedalus-class unknown 22nd century
Danube-class Runabout 24th century
Defiant-class Escort / Warship 24th century
Elkins-type unknown 24th century
Enterprise-J-type Universe 26th century
Erewon-class Personnel carrier 24th century
Excelsior-class unknown 23rd century
Federation-class Dreadnought 23rd century
Freedom-class unknown 24th century
Galaxy-class Explorer 24th century
Hermes-class Scout 23rd century
Huron-type Freighter 23rd century
Intrepid-class Explorer/light cruiser 24th century
Class J starship Freighter/space cruiser 23rd century
Kelvin-type Survey vessel 23rd century
Korolev-class unknown 24th century
Mayflower-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Merced-class unknown 24th century
Miranda-class Science vessel/supply ship 23rd century
Nebula-class unknown 24th century
New Orleans-class Frigate 24th century
Newton-type unknown 23rd century (alternate reality)
Niagara-class unknown 24th century
Norway-class unknown 24th century
Nova-class Science vessel/Scout 24th century
Oberth-class Science vessel 23rd century
Olympic-class Hospital ship 24th century
Peregrine-class Courier 24th century
Prometheus-class Tactical vessel 24th century
Ptolemy-class Tug/Transport 23rd century
Raven-type Science vessel 24th century
Renaissance-class unknown 24th century
Rigel-class unknown 24th century
Saber-class unknown 24th century
Saladin-class unknown 23rd century
Sovereign-class unknown 24th century
Soyuz-class unknown 23rd century
Springfield-class unknown 24th century
Steamrunner-class unknown 24th century
Sydney-class Transport/shuttle 23rd century
Wells-class Timeship 29th century
Yeager-type unknown 24th century
Yellowstone-class Runabout 24th century

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