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The Federation mission scoutship was a type of Federation scout ship in operation during the late 24th century.

The scout was a single-pilot runabout-sized starship with a forward mounted cockpit separated from the rest of the vessel. At 24 meters it was slightly larger in size than the Type 11 shuttlecraft, and carried dual-mounted phaser banks and photon torpedoes. The vessel is accessible through its docking hatch on the ventral hull. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

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Background information

Michael Piller wanted the scene involving the scoutship to be similar to a World War I and II dogfight, where both pilots were in open cockpits, and could see each other. John Eaves' solution to this was to create a vast windshield in the front of the ship.

The cockpit of this class was a reuse of the set designed for the class 2 shuttle Cochrane for Star Trek: Voyager.

It is uncertain whether this vessel can be classed as a shuttlecraft, a runabout or a starship in its own right, but, like the latter two, it carried a distinct registry number from the Enterprise (the scoutship's registry is NCC-75227). However, this could be the registry number of its mothership, just as the shuttle it pursued had the NCC-1701-E registry of the vessel to which it was attached.

That being the case, its mothership could be the USS Ticonderoga and NCC-75227 would be its registry number. The USS Ticonderoga is listed in the Star Trek: Encyclopedia as being the Federation starship that inserted the duck blind mission team onto the Ba'ku planet.

For further information on the studio model, see: Federation mission scoutship model


Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II give this vessel the classification of Venture-class; a starship with a sensors that can be modified to detect cloaked enemies. This vessel is listed in role-playing games, such as those from Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, as a Talon-class ship. The 24 meter long intermediate step between shuttle and runabout, carrying a crew of up to four, was armed with four type 5 phasers and three micro-torpedo launchers. It is this ship, with substantial changes, that was the baseline model for the Valkyrie-class fighters in the Activision Playstation game Star Trek: Invasion.

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