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Federation colonies were those colonies which were under the authority and jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets. The Federation contained many colonies of their member planets.

Earth Colonies

These colonies were established by various Earth governments or United Earth and largely remained in close contact and dependence with and on Earth. Most of them are older than the United Federation of Planets itself.

Vulcan Colonies

These colonies were established by the Vulcan High Command. Many of them are older than the Federation itself.

Other Federation Colonies

Many of these colonies were established by the Federation. Often, Federation citizens from many different member worlds coexist in these colonies.

According to the official website for the film "Star Trek", there were 700 colonies in the Federation by 2258.

Colonies independent from Earth or the Federation

These colonies have declared their independence from Earth or the Federation, were ceded to other governments, or have been founded in secret in some way.

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