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February is the second month of the Human year.

Events by day

February 2
In 2338, Data is activated. (TNG: "Conundrum")
February 7
In 2038, all contact with the NASA exploratory shuttle Charybdis is lost. (TNG: "The Royale")
February 9
In 2152, Enterprise keeps a rendezvous with the Vulcan starship Sh'Raan in order to transfer Ambassador V'Lar to the Vulcan ship; warp 5 is reached by Enterprise for the first time. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")
February 12
In 2154, MACO Corporal F. Hawkins of Enterprise is killed during a mission into a Delphic Expanse sphere. (ENT: "The Council")
February 13
In 2152, Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker visit the Torothan homeworld and become briefly entangled in a local military engagement between the government and rebel forces there. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")
MACO Major Hayes of Enterprise is mortally wounded during a mission to rescue Ensign Hoshi Sato from the Xindi-Reptilians. (ENT: "Countdown")
February 14
In 2154, the Yosemite 3 research station is destroyed during an attack by a Xindi-Reptilian ship commanded by Commander Dolim and the Xindi superweapon is destroyed by the crew of Enterprise using Degra's ship. (ENT: "Zero Hour")
February 16
In 2335, Geordi La Forge is born. (TNG: "Cause and Effect")
February 18
Jonathan Archer encounters a physically altered Tandaran agent named Keyla on Risa. (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")
February 23
In an alternate 1936, Edith Keeler meets President Roosevelt to confer on her plan of action for assisting the needy. (TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever")

Other events

The government of the planet Xantoras is overthrown by a xenophobic faction. (ENT: "The Breach")
Enterprise is attacked by several Xindi-Reptilian ships during its mission to the Delphic Expanse. (ENT: "Damage")
Enterprise crewmember Jane Taylor is killed in a Xindi attack in the Azati Prime system. (ENT: "The Forgotten")
Enterprise meets up with a future version of itself as it prepares to enter a subspace corridor to the Xindi Council planet. (ENT: "")
The Xindi Council breaks apart. (ENT: "The Council")
Silik, a Suliban Cabal agent, infiltrates the crew of Enterprise and dies during his mission. {ENT: "Storm Front, Part II")
Erika Hernandez seeks Jonathan Archer's advice on the makeup of the senior staff of Columbia NX-02. (ENT: "Home")



Some of the events of the Eugenics Wars novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 took place on February 7, 1994 and February 2, 1996.

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