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A family reunion was a celebration where members of a family assembled after a period of prolonged absence.

By 2153, Malcolm Reed's last family reunion had nearly been a decade ago. (ENT: "Horizon")

The term was sometimes used to describe a smaller, less formal meeting of family members such as that of Data, Lore, and Doctor Noonian Soong in 2367 (TNG: "Brothers") or that of Odo and Dr. Mora Pol in 2370. (DS9: "The Alternate") Neelix also gratefully referred to the meeting of a reptohumanoid mother and its child as a family reunion when seeing the child distracted the mother's attention from them. (VOY: "Parturition") Later, Kathryn Janeway expressed her desire to miss a reunion with Seven of Nine's former Borg family in 2374. (VOY: "Hope and Fear")

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