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Fainting was the sudden loss of consciousness often accompanied by a fall.

In 2268, half the crew of the USS Enterprise fainted due to the effects of the space amoeba. (TOS: "The Immunity Syndrome")

In 2269, Lieutenant Mira Romaine fainted while under the influence of the Zetarians. (TOS: "The Lights of Zetar")

In 2365, when Worf fainted on the bridge of the USS Enterprise-D, but was ashamed to admit it Doctor Katherine Pulaski described fainting as suffering a dramatic drop in blood pressure, blood glucose level dropping, and having deficient blood flow resulting from circulatory failure. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

In 2366, the alien posing as Bolian Mitena Haro claimed to have fainted while studying before being abducted. (TNG: "Allegiance")

In 2372, Rom credited fainting with having saved his life, as it necessitated his visit to Deep Space 9's infirmary. (DS9: "Bar Association")

In 2377, Tom Paris thanked Seven of Nine and Icheb for assisting a pregnant B'Elanna Torres when she fainted. (VOY: "Lineage")

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