The Eye of the Universe was a mythological place in the Skrreean religion that, according to the Skrreean sacred texts, would lead to Kentanna. It was colloquially known as the "Eye." There were two sides to the Eye, one of them being the creshnee side.

In 2370, after the T-Rogorans were conquered by the Dominion and the Skrreea fled, many of them dissipated in search of the Eye. A ship containing Haneek discovered the Bajoran wormhole and believed it was to be the Eye of the Universe. For her supposed discovery of the Eye, the farmer Haneek became the de facto leader of her people in the negotiations with the people of Bajor. After passing through the wormhole, Haneek and her people believed that the Gamma Quadrant was the creshnee side of the Eye. (DS9: "Sanctuary")

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