An evaluation report is a type of report that shows an official assessment of a chosen subject.

Crew assessments Edit

Crew evaluations were part of the duties of the senior staff aboard the USS Enterprise-D to discuss candidates for promotion. William T. Riker and Deanna Troi were not fond of writing the required crew evaluation reports. (TNG: "Man of the People", "Lower Decks")

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Drill assessments Edit

Commander William T. Riker ordered a drill evaluation report from all departments, after a training simulation with the alpha shift ended. Ensign Taurik was responsible for the drill evaluation report from engineering. (TNG: "Lower Decks")

Starship assessments Edit

Several starship evaluation reports were written about the USS Defiant. Benjamin Sisko was to make these reports available to the senior staff of Deep Space 9 in 2371. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

General assessments Edit

In 2370, Major Kira Nerys misplaced an evaluation report she had been working on for several weeks. (DS9: "Rivals")